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My name is Alexa Young

'I saw the trio play at the London Jazz Festival last year and was absolutely mesmerised.’ - Jazz Nights on BBC Radio Scotland


London based trio Glasshopper (bandleader & saxophonist Jonathan Chung, guitarist James Kitchman and drummer Corrie Dick) have been gaining acclaim for their captivating and euphoric live performances since their early formation in 2014. This unit of focused players explore melody and improvisation with complete reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and fearless rock-outs. Always aspiring to search for fresh interpretations, the bass-less line up blurs the lines between the jazz, folk and rock realms. Seldom settling, always searching. Their first album release in 2020 successfully blended a sound unique to their own and firmly stamped themselves as a new voice in the UK jazz scene. Drawing influences from the likes of Paul Motian, Radiohead, Robert Stillman and Polar Bear. “...characterised by angular interplay, dark delay-drenched atmospheres and arresting moments of exquisite beauty' - London Jazz news 'Wonderful music... three musical voices with great gravity with guests making music which is at once heavy as hell and soaring weightless' - Tom Sankey, Good Evening Arts. 'This is an album that could form the lyrical soundtrack for a beautiful film and the sense of groundedness, collaborative questing and restrained emotional intensity’ - Fiona Mactaggart, Scottish Jazz Space

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